Aino leading NOVO7 edition tablet computer

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  • Brand:    ainorl
  • Type:    NOVO7 Advanced 8G
  • Price:    4500 RMB
  • Promotion:    4300 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
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  Leading NOVO7 version with Android2.3.4 intelligent system, using the new A10 processor, with 2160P limit HD codec capabilities, has a strong power management system, support 3D HD video playback and output, with front and rear arranged double camera, support Wifi. Here, PConline evaluation room immediately to send all the AI NOVO7 leading edition.

  Aino leading NOVO7 edition appearance evaluation

  Aino leading NOVO7 edition carton packaging box with simple generosity, positive leading NOVO7 version of the appearance and model information, beneath dense lattice is marked Aino leading NOVO7 version of the main function and characteristics.

  External packing box

  Aino leading NOVO7 edition appearance in continuation of earlier NOVO8's simple design, surface of the shell is still ABS high density process. Aino leading NOVO7 version looks very similar to NOVO8, but the NOVO8 entity keys to touch key. Aino leading NOVO7 version of the screen using a 16:9 design, so the body looks very slim. The positive use of a 7 inch resolution of 800 x 480 LCD screen, can ensure good quality and a wide field of vision.

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